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  • About the purchase of silicone sealants
    Post time: 12-26-2022

    1.Silicone Structural Sealant Uses: Mainly used for structural bonding of glass and aluminum sub-frames, and also used for secondary sealing of hollow glass in hidden frame curtain walls. Features: It can bear wind load and gravity load, has high requirements for strengt...Read more »

  • What is the most common problems a sealant can fail?
    Post time: 09-28-2022

    In doors and windows, sealants are mainly used for the joint sealing of window frames and glass, and the joint sealing of window frames and internal and external walls. Problems in the application of the sealant for doors and windows will lead to the failure of door and window seals, resulting in...Read more »

  • What kind of silicone do you use for windows?
    Post time: 08-16-2022

    Many people may have had these experiences: Even though the windows are closed, rain still seeps into the home and the whistle of cars on the road downstairs can be heard clearly at home. These are likely to be the failure of the door and window sealant! Although silicon...Read more »

  • Post time: 05-19-2022

    What is silicone glass sealant? Silicone sealant is a common and convenient adhesive in construction and daily life. According to its curing mechanism and reaction characteristics, it can be divided into two types: one-component and two-component. 1. One-component...Read more »

  • Post time: 04-04-2022

    Why should we upgrade our quality assurance?     With the development of the construction industry, sealant, as the bonding and sealing material of buildings, plays a more and more important role in the whole life cycle management of buildings. It is not only the structu...Read more »

  • Where can pu foam be used?
    Post time: 04-20-2017

    Features: . Large expansion/ squeeze resistant * Uniform foaming/ waterproof weatherproof* High density/ not easily deformed . Sound insulation and noise reduction* Strong bonding strength Appication: * Insulating,fixing andinsulating of door and window frames* Filling and sealing of gaps, joint...Read more »

  • How can I avoid the mixing ratio of structural glue?
    Post time: 03-02-2017

    This article content is compiled by Siway editorial board: There are several common problems in the construction process of silicone structural adhesive: 1. Bad adhesion; 2. Curing slow; 3. Adhesive width of structural adhesive is not enough; 4. There are bubbles and holes in the structure colloi...Read more »

  • Insulation of the glass curtain wall of the box when the weathering glue injection note
    Post time: 03-01-2017

    (1) clean the gap between the plates, there should be no water, grease, paint, rust, cement mortar, dust and so on. Clean the adhesive surface thoroughly and dry it. Can be used toluene or methyl diacetone as a cleaning agent. (2) To adjust the depth of the seam, to avoid the three sides of the g...Read more »

  • Post time: 02-27-2017

    1 Introduction Structural adhesive is high strength, can withstand a larger load, and anti-aging, fatigue resistance, corrosion resistance, stable performance in the life expectancy, suitable for structural adhesive bonded to the adhesive. Mainly used for metal, ceramics, plastics, rubber, wood a...Read more »

  • Performance Requirements and Application of Building structural Sealant and Building Sealant
    Post time: 02-25-2017

    Abstract: With the construction curtain wall works such as glass curtain wall, aluminum curtain wall, stone curtain wall and synthetic plate, etc., resulting in a large number of building sealant use. This article through the current national standards and technical standards, from the sealant ap...Read more »

  • How to avoid two-component structural glue mixed uneven?
    Post time: 02-24-2017

    Silicone structural adhesive construction process has four common problems: 1. Bad adhesion; 2. Curing slow; 3. Structural adhesive bonding width is not enough; 4. Structural colloid inside the bubble and holes. Today we give you a detailed description of how to avoid two-component silicone struc...Read more »

  • Sealant is an important guarantee for energy saving of doors, windows and curtain walls
    Post time: 02-22-2017

    The content of this article is edited by Siway editorial department: Abstract: silicone weatherproof sealant products are mainly used in curtain wall plate weather sealing silicone products, outstanding resistance to UV aging makes the outstanding performance in this application. In addition to d...Read more »

  • How to store your sealant
    Post time: 02-21-2017

        Silicone sealant is a silicone polymer materials, excellent weathering resistance, ageing resistance, resistance to ultraviolet radiation, ozone and high and low temperature resistance, is building curtain wall, doors and Windows and insulating glass sealant of choice.     Silicone sealant on...Read more »

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