How to avoid two-component structural glue mixed uneven?

Silicone structural adhesive construction process has four common problems: 1. Bad adhesion; 2. Curing slow; 3. Structural adhesive bonding width is not enough; 4. Structural colloid inside the bubble and holes. Today we give you a detailed description of how to avoid two-component silicone structure glue mixed uneven?

Two-component silicone adhesive is composed of the main agent A component (white glue) and curing agent B component (vinyl), through the two-component glue machine, according to the recommended ratio of manufacturers mixed evenly after use. The mixed structure of the adhesive after a period of curing, and ultimately get good bonding performance and physical properties. However, if the structure of plastic mixing is not uniform use, structural adhesive curing will appear quality problems.

Structural glue mixed uneven, how to determine the structure of plastic mixing uneven, local white stripes will appear. In the case of relatively bright light, easier to observe. Mixed uneven and mixed evenly, as shown below:

sealant Mixed uneven and mixed evenly

Structural adhesive mixing uneven, what will happen? Structural adhesive after curing the strength of the decline, curing cross-linking is not complete, serious when the sticky, can not cure and so on.

What is the reason for the uneven mixing of the structural glue? How to solve the problem? The mixed non-uniform structural adhesive has the following four reasons and the reasons are as follows


① continuous plastic: usually the mixer is blocked, the mixer assembly error or the use of the mixing unit is not enough;


② intermittent regular plastic: with the system failure, such as the proportion of pump seal leakage or proportional wear;


③ intermittent irregular plastic: related to the failure, such as filter clogging / needle valve plug / pressure plate failure / ratio pump inlet blockage or seal failure / safety valve and high pressure ball valve failure;


④ short shot and then shot, the beginning of a section of plastic: mainly adhesive viscosity is not ideal, need to adjust the system pipe or reduce the working pressure.


The above four kinds of plastic products are through the exclusion of the machine to solve the problem.


The glue machine should be regularly maintained to ensure that the glue machine can work properly. Every time you start the butterfly test must be done to ensure that the structure of plastic mixing evenly. Butterfly test method is as follows: the glue machine to play a good mix of plastic squeeze into the middle of the paper 5-10 grams, folding paper will be flattened. Open the paper to check the glue sample, mixed even the glue should be no different color stripes, if the glue appears heterochromatic stripes, then the plastic is not uniform, should find the cause, the problem can be used after the solution.

The problem of uneven mixing of the structural glue is very big in relation to the glue machine, which seriously affects the curing of the structural adhesive and the strength after curing, which is harmful to the structural adhesive. Hope that customers in the process of using glue to ensure that the glue machine glue the normal, with good structure glue.

Post time: Feb-24-2017
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