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Shanghai Siway curtain material CO., LTD. Founded in 1984,Siway sealant is one of China’s top ten silicone structural sealant production enterprises,ranked seventh.Many times in the industry to obtain “the user first choice brand”, “market best performance” honor.
The company has 12, China’s leading automation production line. With a factory area over 220,000 square meters, Siway is one of the largest silicone sealant manufacturer in China, the annual production capacity of 20000 tons.
Siway manufactures a complete line of one part and two-part silicone sealants including,silicone structural sealeant , weather proofing silicone sealant, fire-resisting sealant,and silicone sealant for window etc.
All these products comply with ISO 9001 Quality Management System and ISO 14001 Environmental Management System, and also meet Chinese national standard and ASTM standard.
Company has eight major series and more than 30 varieties of products, production of “Siway” series products are widely used in building, automobile, machinery, electronics, electrical appliances, such as solar photovoltaic industry, not only won a good reputation in domestic, but also exported to Europe, North America, South America, southeast Asia, the Middle East and other regions.
We share with you the power of the sealant. Please contact us for your application to choose the ideal sealant.

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