Curtain wall

幕墙Silicone sealant is polydimethyl siloxane as the main raw material, supplemented by cross-linking agent, filler, plasticizer, coupling agent, catalyst paste mixture under vacuum. At room temperature by react with water in the air-cured to form the elastic silicone rubber.Strong bonding of silicone sealant, tensile strength, and weather resistance, vibration resistance, and protection against moisture, odor-resistant and adapt to the characteristics of the large variation of hot and cold. With its broader applicability, can realize the bonding between most of the building materials, so that the value is very large.Silicone sealant in curtain wall project is mainly used in curtain wall structural assembly, and stone curtain wall of glass curtain wall caulking.


Silicone structural sealant for                 Weatherproof Silicone sealant for 

curtain wall structural assembly                     curtain wall of glass sealing

结构胶应用                    耐候胶应用


Stone Silicone adhesive for stone curtain wall joint




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