Sealant is an important guarantee for energy saving of doors, windows and curtain walls

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Abstract: silicone weatherproof sealant products are mainly used in curtain wall plate weather sealing silicone products, outstanding resistance to UV aging makes the outstanding performance in this application. In addition to design of door window and curtain wall construction management is scientific, standardized Taiwan, correct selection of high quality silicone sealant products, is an important guarantee for building doors and windows and curtain wall of building energy requirements.

The importance of building energy conservation

Energy is an important material basis for human survival and production, in recent years, China’s economic construction has made remarkable achievements in the world, while at the same time, huge energy consumption has become the focus of attention of the world. The shortage of energy supply and the ecological and environmental problems caused by energy consumption will seriously hinder the development of economy and affect our living environment.

The National Bureau of Statistics recently released data that the total energy consumption in 2011 rose to 34.8 tons of standard coal China. Among them, the building energy consumption accounted for more than 28% of the national total energy consumption. Building energy consumption is accompanied by the rise in the total amount of construction and the improvement of living comfort. In accordance with the current level of development of building energy can be predicted that by 2020, China’s total energy consumption of the total energy consumption of the whole society will reach about 35%, beyond the industrial use of energy, become the first area of energy use.

Promotion of building energy efficiency, mainly to improve the insulation performance of building envelope. The curtain wall and windows and doors in the building envelope of several large parts of the insulation is poor, is the main factor affecting the indoor thermal environment and building energy efficiency. Therefore, it is an important link to improve the indoor thermal environment quality and raise the level of building energy saving by increasing the thermal insulation performance and reducing energy consumption.

The infrared spectrum of ordinary doors and windows shows a large amount of heat radiated through the glass to the outside. The energy saving doors and windows of the infrared spectrum shows that the heat through the doors and windows of the glass out of the radiation is much less, the color in the picture are green and blue, to achieve the effect of heat preservation. The energy saving effect of the energy saving doors and windows is realized through the integrity of the whole door and window system, and the sealant material is an indispensable part of the whole system.

Application of Silicone Sealant in Building Energy – saving Door and Window Curtain Wall

The application of silicone sealant in the curtain wall of building doors and windows mainly includes three aspects: hollow glass two seals, curtain wall structure, weather sealing and doors and windows waterproof weathering seal. The quality of the silicone sealant not only affects the safety of the curtain wall structure of the whole building, but also whether the building meets the requirements of energy saving and environmental protection.

Insulating glass hollow glass unit with outstanding thermal insulation properties, is to improve the energy level of doors and windows important material, in recent years has been widely used in the building. Insulating glass inside the dry gas to insulating glass with noise, heat insulation, anti-condensation, reduce cold radiation and enhance the safety of glass and other functions.

In the two seals of the insulating glass structure, the first-toothed seal is to ensure low water vapor permeation, typically using hot melt butyl gum. The role of the second sealant is to ensure the integrity of the glass unit structure, – the choice of silicone sealant. If it is used for structural assembly of insulating glass, you must use silicone sealant.

The life of the insulating glass unit depends critically on the function of the sealing structure, while the excellent edge seal must have the following characteristics:


1. lasting anti-environmental factors, especially heat, water or water vapor and ultraviolet;


2. The sufficient structural strength to withstand the displacement, making the first – channel sealant water vapor channel changes the smallest;


3. Low water vapor and gas permeability under conditions of use.

If the silicone sealant can not meet the above requirements, then the sealed hollow glass is likely to occur in the use of fog phenomenon caused by failure, loss of energy saving effect.

China Building Glass and Industrial Glass Association developed HBZ / T0O1-2OO7 “hollow glass production rules” in 2OO7 7 with 1 release implementation. Most of the domestic glass manufacturers in strict accordance with the standard requirements of the hollow glass of raw materials selection and construction. However, in the fierce market competition, the industry still has some sealant manufacturers set the product quality in disregard, in order to reduce production costs 丿 one-sided pursuit of short-term interests in the insulating glass sealant to add “white oil.” As the “white oil” low prices, and can make the sealant after curing the appearance of a better luster, – some irresponsible manufacturers and even as a selling point to the user product promotion and promotion.

With the passage of time, add “white oil” hollow glass sealant brought a series of serious quality problems gradually emerged, highlighting the performance: the use of such sealant made of hollow glass life is generally short, there is a lot of water leakage , Leakage and condensation and other phenomena, more serious is the hollow glass gel in the “white oil” into the first – Road sealant that is hot-melt butyl sealant, butyl rubber is softened and swollen and flowing, resulting in insulating glass “Tears” phenomenon.

Curtain wall structure, weather sealing and doors and windows sealed curtain wall by the panel and structure, belonging to the building outside the envelope structure, hanging in the main structure, can be deformed with the main structure, the force transmitted to the main structure. As a symbol of modern architecture, the curtain wall, especially the glass curtain wall in the world has been more and more widely used, the use of large area of ​​glass plate for the building to provide a good lighting performance and aesthetic design, but also the weak links of energy The

In the past industry for energy-saving doors and windows curtain wall energy efficiency concerns, most of the focus is on how to choose a lower thermal conductivity of insulating glass, how to improve the inflatable hollow glass inert gas retention rate, how to design the cavity structure of the cavity to reduce heat transfer \ Heat or nylon insulation, etc., and for the choice of silicone sealant did not cause enough attention. In fact, the quality of silicone sealant on the performance of energy-saving doors and windows curtain wall has a very important significance.

First of all, silicone structural sealant on the curtain wall plate lasting good adhesion is the guarantee of the safety of the curtain wall, and silicone weather sealant directly affect the entire curtain wall doors and windows of the air tightness and watertight, in fact, The energy loss is much better than the choice of better glass and profiles can save more, no one can imagine in a leak, leaking building to talk about building energy saving and environmental protection topic.

Furthermore, due to the construction of silicone rubber sealant product quality impact of the construction life and even personal safety, the relationship is significant. Therefore, the China Building Metal Structure Association of aluminum doors and windows curtain wall committee and the China Building Decoration Association curtain wall engineering committee, to regulate the construction of doors and windows, curtain wall works in the use of silicone rubber, silicone rubber manufacturers to strengthen the production and product management. Over the years, in the industry to carry out the construction of silicone structural sealant production enterprises of the annual product sampling testing, and will the latest annual inspection results, through the official website of China curtain wall network for the release of Party A, Design Institute to provide selection The basis for reference.

Silicone weather sealant products are mainly used in the curtain wall plate weathering waterproof seal, silicone products highlight the anti-UV aging performance in this application in the outstanding performance. However, if the improper selection, such as the use of poor quality silicone sealant, in addition to its own weather failure, and sometimes will penetrate into the insulating glass of the first – Road seal, resulting in butyl rubber is dissolved, resulting in hollow glass at the same time Failure, such an example in the actual project often occurs, the same, low-quality silicone sealant can also cause the curtain wall joints of the poor adhesion, resulting in leakage of curtain wall joints and thus cause damage to the interior decoration.

In the actual project, but also encountered – some of the larger plate seams size changes, the general sealant products will be difficult to meet the requirements of the displacement of the requirements of fatigue cracking caused by the situation. For large-size plate on the silicone sealant displacement capacity of the high demand, such as Baiyun, the river, siway, Aetna and other first-line brand, have introduced targeted 50 displacement of silicone weathering sealant and doors and windows (lighting top) Sealant products, more than the national standard on the ability of weathering sealant displacement requirements, leading the development of the industry.

Doors and doors of the weathering waterproof seal and curtain wall, is a system of engineering, including the window frame and the seal between the glass, wall between the wall and the seal. The quality of the silicone sealant also has an important impact on the performance of the doors and windows, and some sealant products due to fill too much heavy calcium carbonate, making the product after the appearance of plastic – layer of white filler, and some products due to the choice and use Improper, and contact with the glass after the contact glass caused by degumming phenomenon, resulting in the appearance of the damage. The quality of the silicone sealant is a direct influence on the watertight and airtightness of the doors and windows, while the high quality silicone sealant products maintain long adhesion, air tightness and watertightness during use.

Summary: The value of silicone sealant only about the entire curtain wall, doors and windows of the cost of 3 to 5%, but directly seriously affect the quality of the entire construction and energy saving effect. In order to achieve the best building energy saving and environmental protection sealed energy saving effect. In addition to the design of the curtain wall curtain wall whether the scientific construction management is rational, standardized, the correct choice of high-quality silicone sealant products, building doors and windows and curtain walls to achieve building energy efficiency requirements of an important guarantee.

Post time: Feb-22-2017
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