How can I avoid the mixing ratio of structural glue?

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There are several common problems in the construction process of silicone structural adhesive: 1. Bad adhesion; 2. Curing slow; 3. Adhesive width of structural adhesive is not enough; 4. There are bubbles and holes in the structure colloid; Evenly. Today we will continue to explain in detail how to avoid the mixing ratio (A component excess or B component excess) during the construction of the silicone adhesive.

Different manufacturers of products, with different characteristics, the manufacturers will give their own products, the best mixing ratio range. Mixing in this range gives you the best product performance. If you exceed the recommended mixing range, you can cause a series of problems such as slow curing, less strength, poor elasticity, poor adhesion, etc. , Will seriously affect the curtain wall safety!

To ensure that the sealant products are recommended in the proportion of the manufacturers within the scope of the day to open the glue machine should be carried out when the test off the time, and manufacturers with the pull-off time range to confirm. For example, Baiyun brand two-component structural adhesive in the temperature 23-25 ​​℃, relative humidity 40-60% conditions, A component and B component in the normal volume ratio of 9: 1-11: 1 range, pull off time For 20-60 minutes. Under the above environmental conditions, if the breaking time exceeds this range, the mixing ratio can be considered abnormal.

The breaking time will be affected by the ambient temperature and humidity. In the actual temperature and humidity conditions, there will be some deviation from the time recommended by the manufacturer. For example, when the temperature is low, the breaking time will be prolonged. But this pull off the time should generally be stable, within a few days the results of the test should not have large fluctuations. If the temperature or humidity does not occur drastic changes and pull off time there is a significant fluctuation, you need to identify the reasons, check the equipment is normal, the product is normal, remove the problem before continuing construction.

The mixing ratio may be a problem with the device setting, or it may be a malfunction. Switch to different brands of plastic structure, the need to pay attention to the mixing ratio of glue. The recommended mixing ratio for two-component silicone structural adhesives from different manufacturers may be different, such as the recommended volume ratio of 9: 1 to 11: 1 for Siway brand two-component silicone adhesive, and the recommended volume of another manufacturer’s product The ratio is 7.6: 1 ~ 10.6: 1.

If the mixing ratio of the equipment is set to normal and the appropriate breaking time can not be obtained in the corresponding environment, the equipment should be checked.

Post time: Mar-02-2017
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