What You Can Use For Resin Casting Molds: Woodturning

This is just a short video that covers some of the different materials you can use to make a resin casting mold to pour your Alumilite, PR, Epoxy, etc. in.

In the video I mention Brendan Stemp’s YouTube channel, so go and check out his videos as well. He does some amazing turning, but I really love his creativity and use of resins in his work. The kind of stuff I love doing!

Also, you can get the silicone molds from Fred Wissen. He sells lots of pen blanks, supplies, and of course tube-in casting molds. Check out his website for more info: http://www.ptownsubbie.com/

I love getting feedback and helping others out, so leave a comment for me. Good luck, and get casting!

Post time: Nov-13-2018
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