TopCoat® F11® Polish and Sealer – Best Surface Sealant

What is TopCoat F11?

TopCoat F11 is a water-based environmentally friendly product which can be easily applied to any surface. You can literally apply F11 to your entire vehicle to not only protect, restore, and maintain its shine and finish for ages, but to also make it very easy to keep clean. Even though F11 is water based, it dries quickly and helps protect the surface of your vehicle from damage such as bug splatters, bird droppings, road film, corrosion, and even oxidization. Despite being water-based it is extremely hydrophobic repelling almost anything once it has cured over 1-24hrs. F11 drastically reduces the chances of water spots and makes it much easier to clean them off. Due to F11’s easy release properties the vehicle looks freshly washed after a heavy downpour.

TopCoat® acts as a great protectant as it bonds with the surface it is applied to on a molecular level. Because of this, F11 protects and drastically reduces the amount of dirt that sticks to the surface making it easy to clean off. It can be applied to practically any surface be it paint, rubber, plastic, glass, chrome, acrylic, metal, alloys, window tint, exhaust, engines, canvas, wood, leather, stainless steel, etc. F11 can be used to protect not just the paint of your vehicle but surfaces of other things such as alloy wheels, windshields, plastic and fiber parts such as bumpers, rear view mirrors, lights, leather or fabric seats, dashboard, etc. as well. F11 is also unaffected by heat and can be used on the engine and even the exhaust. It can also drastically reduce the chances of metal bluing due to high heat.

TopCoat® polish and sealer is the best high-performance surface coating in the world and has replaced a lot of outdated products in the market such as wax, certain polishes, other coatings, conditioners, quick detail sprays, various soaps and all-purpose cleaners made from harsh chemicals, etc. Just apply a coat of TopCoat F11 on any surface that you want to protect, and you won’t have to spend thousands of dollars on buying any of these products ever again!

Features of TopCoat F11 product:

• It can be applied in direct sunlight, no need to look for shade to apply it.
• It reduces damage due to UV rays, as it forms a protective layer on the surface it is applied to.
• It can also be applied to parts of the engine such as exhaust pipe and it is non-flammable in nature.
• It is non-greasy and can be applied with ease.
• Reduces corrosion and oxidation.
• Will not wash off
• Lasts 3-6 months depending on the level of abuse it takes from the elements
• If you miss a spot, no big deal, just go back over it
• F11 will bond to itself therefore the more frequently you use it, the better it performs and looks

The F11 in TopCoat F11 stands for Formula 11. The use of F11 product is not limited to just cars, you can even use it for motorcycles, boats, planes, RVs, home use and more! If you own a premium bike such as a Harley Davidson, then it is the best protectant you can use to prevent its chrome parts from getting weathered over time. It can even be used to coat the engine to keep the shiny parts looking shiny and the matte surfaces looking new. It can be used on the leather to keep it supple, protected from damage (especially UV damage) and maintain a new appearance.

When applied to a surface Topcoat F11 enhances the existing surface to new or better than new appearance. Glossy surfaces look like glass, matte surfaces look better than new, rubber looks like new rubber, etc. F11 will not artificially shine, it only enhances the existing surface to its best condition. F11 has years of research and development behind it so it will not damage any surface. That’s the reason F11 is the first choice of enthusiast, detailers, high-end or exotic car owners such as Bugatti, Rolls Royce, Lamborghini, Ferrari, Mercedes, BMW, AUDI, Corvette, etc. It works equally well for and maintains the original appearance of surfaces with matte finish as well. Harley Davidson owners who have the matte “Denim” finish love F11 because it’s the only product in the world that they can use on 100% of the bike without worry of anything being harmed.

Other applications of TopCoat F11 include coating on aircrafts, solar panels, firearms, ski boots, leather jackets, industrial equipment, smart phones, laptops, monitors, furniture, stainless steel appliances, etc. to protect and maintain the outer layer of these surfaces.

You can do an entire car with 1-2oz of F11, the first application will naturally require a little more. You will find the price of TopCoat F11 to be quite reasonable especially when you compare it with the amount of money you’ll save by not buying numerous other outdated washes, coatings, waxes, cleaners and polishes, etc. as mentioned above.

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Post time: Aug-06-2018
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