Seal-Tite Corner Seal : Aftermarket Application

“Having been frustrated by RV leaks over the years, I was intrigued by the promise of this product, and as it turned out, Tim’s RV’s in Erving Massachusetts had a newer 2013 stick and tin travel trailer with serious water damage under repair that was a perfect test coach. So I contacted Greg Kelly of Seal Design to see if they would be interested in allowing us to test the product, and they eagerly agreed.”-Christopher Dougherty, Owner, RV Medics

Seal Design, a division of Dicor Corporation, has developed a new product called Seal-Tite CornerSeal which provides a durable, flexible and virtually impermeable seal between the unfinished union of the walls and roofs of RVs, according to Greg Kelly, the Elkhart company’s general manager, and the inventor of Seal-Tite.

“I developed CornerSeal for RV sealant applications from other industry applications we have engineered.” Kelly says. “CornerSeal is a cross-linked high tack mastic compound designed for quick stick bonding to various substrates. It is used on metal and Filon, the two exterior RV wall substrates.”

Post time: Aug-06-2018
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