New soft silicone for dentures. Nice and tight. DenSureFit

Carma: After applying DenSureFit, “They feel nice and tight…..real stuck up there. Before, they’d fall out if I didn’t glue them in. It’s a TEN!” Note: DenSureFit is NOT adhesive. It is a soft supple silicone that self-cures to the shape of your mouth and stays in for months. Fill those gaps and create a new seal. Get brand new suction. DSF is designed to help you keep snug between professional relines. It can eliminate or reduce adhesive use. Peels out when you are ready to replace it. How does it compare to Cushion Grip? Most likely if you loved CG, you may love DSF even more. DSF stay soft and supple in your denture for your entire wear, yet it is firm enough that it does not change shape when you bite. It does not “thin out” or shift during eating. Leave any questions below! Cheers!

Post time: Nov-15-2018
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