How to Install Tubeless Tires

A complete walk-through of tubeless tire installation on a bicycle, including installing the tire, seating the bead, and adding sealant, as well as some troubleshooting tips.

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Video contents:
00:54 Tools Needed
01:19 Remove Tire
02:08 Install Tire & Sealant (Pour Method)
04:08 Inflate Tire
05:52 Alternate Installation Method (Injection)
07:11 Final Tips

➤ Tools & materials used:
• TL-6.2 Steel Core Tire Levers –
• Tire Levers –
• INF-2 Shop Inflator –
• PFP-8 Home Mechanic Floor Pump –
• Tire Sealant
• Measuring Cup
• Soapy Water
• Rags
• Syringe (Alternate Method)
• VC-1 Valve Core Tool – (Alternate Method)

For a text-based walk-through of this process:

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Post time: May-31-2018
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