Headlight Repair and Restoration Medallion Refinish System

Rubber-Seal® Products has been in business since 1948. The company originally worked with domestic automakers to design methods for repairing wind and water leaks that were performed at the dealership level. As the auto manufacturers began addressing these issues, Rubber-Seal Products focused their efforts on developing products to solve a wide variety of automotive problems.

Rubber-Seal® Products now offers top quality clearcoats, primers, activators, adhesives, panel bonders, sealants, abrasives, fasteners and tools. Many of these products are packaged under the Medallion™ Refinish System label.

Our mission is to create, manufacture and sell products that maximize the appearance of repaired vehicles, restoring them to pre-accident conditions. Our goal is to form partnerships with owners and managers providing them with products and services that increase productivity and increasing profits.

Video produced and edited by John Johnston www.johnstonphotos.org

Post time: Apr-14-2018
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