Flexibe PVC Liner Repair – Adhesive Method

Witt Lining Systems, the industry leader in flexible PVC tank liners http://wittliners.com/ shows you how to repair your own drop in liner using the PVC adhesive method.

One of the benefits of a Witt PVC liner is that it can be easily repaired if ever damaged. Witt includes scrap material with every liner we sell so you should already have material on hand. Also, Koroseal® PVC, Spectra Blue® PVC and our Exceline® PVC, can all be welded to each other.

After you have located the damaged area the steps are simple.

• Remove a small layer of surface material
• Clean the liner and the patch
• Apply the adhesive and apply the patch
• Allow to cure and re-test

That’s it!

Keep in mind that as flexible PVC liners age they will eventually reach a point where they won’t accept any new material. No matter how well the liner is cleaned a repair will just not be able to be performed and the liner should be replaced.

For any further questions contact us via our website http://wittliners.com/ or call us at 1-800-323-3335.

Post time: Nov-15-2018
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