Cleaning & Protecting Convertible Tops with RaggTopp


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RaggTopp convertible top cleaner and protectant are endorsed by Haartz, maker of BMW and MINI convertible top fabric. RaggTopp’s cleaner safely removes tough soils and stains, will not harm the car’s finish, leaves no residue and is biodegradable. RaggTopp’s silicone-free top protectant renews and extends the life of the fabric, offers exceptional UV protection and restores water and stain repellency. And the horsehair brush has the perfect level of stiffness for loosening dirt without harming the fabric.

Raggtopp also offers a leather care kit that includes a cleaner (deep cleans and revitalizes leather exposed to the sun, body oils, etc.) and a protectant (repels water; resists scuffing and cracking; reduces sun damage; contains no waxes, oils or solvents; is hypoallergenic).

RaggTopp’s silicone-free vinyl protectant repels dust, grease, dirt and mildew, while UV blockers defend against sun damage; the patented formula will not harm the car’s finish.

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RaggTopp Cleaner, Protectant and tools:
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Post time: Jun-30-2018
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