Checking / Refilling Tubeless Sealant – Tips in Sixty

Here is a #tipsinsixty on refilling sealant. My rear wheel was bleeding down substantially more than my front over the past couple days (where my tires typically go down 3-5 psi give or take it was dropping 10-15) and was showing signs of weeping through the sidewall. I figured I would have old, dirty sealant (usually a greasy brown color) to show viewers when it was time to change – in fact it was completely dry. You might note that I kept the tire in the bike on the stand – I find this makes refilling sealant much easier and cleaner. Not Shown: After refilling and airing up the tire I remove it from the bike and bounce the sealant around to fill any small leaks from seating the tire. Another way that a work stand makes your life easier! #mountainbike #outdoors #tubelesstricks

Post time: Aug-08-2018
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