Better Sponge
Wipe Clean Any Surface Anywhere Without Scratching. Stuck-On Food Slips Away In Seconds!

Cleans Delicate Glassware With One Swipe, Plus It Gets Down Deep For Steins & Skinny Glasses
The secret is the 3,000 tiny silicone fingers that work to loosen and clean stuck-on grime.

Not abrasive, so gentle it never scratches but strong enough to clean crusty baked-on cheese, even cleans stainless pans like steel wool.

Sponges harbor mildew and bacteria that could make you sick. The Better Sponge is free from smelly mildew.

To clean, just pop in the dishwasher – For speedy drying, stick the built-in suction cup to the sink.

Also serves as a heat resistant potholder and the nonslip mighty grip helps you pop the top on any jar!

Easily wipe away sticky soap scum for sparkling shower doors, and with the extra-long static bristles easily lift pet hair off furniture

It also works on delicate glass, ceramic, Teflon, microwaves… Etc

Simply rinse to use over and over again!

Made of flexible, durable silicone, so it lasts an last!

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Post time: Dec-30-2017
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