AQUAFIN-RS300: Rapid setting hybrid waterproof membrane

AQUAFIN®-RS300, a self cross-linking reactive slurry coating, is the next generation. This product innovation achieves the goal of effectively optimizing the curing time of these product types, combined with a fundamental increase in the products function, even under extreme construction conditions.

By taking a new approach to the formulation of AQUAFIN®-RS300, the product is able to achieve higher elongation rates than typical. The chemical reaction within AQUAFIN®-RS300 forces water out of the product faster and speeds up the curing process which achieves the desired PCC-Hybrid structure: In only 24 hours the internal cross-linking reaction produces the same elongation rates that typical cementitious slurries can only achieve after 28 days!

AQUAFIN®-RS300 offers planners and applicators added security in waterproofing, especially when dealing with projects which are under strict time limits or when working in colder climates. Curing times are so much faster and less affected by weather conditions, that drainage and protection boards can be installed after 6 hours and backfilling can be carried out a mere 24 hours later! When waterproofing in enclosed areas (water tanks, biogas containers, etc.) the product is much more tolerant against potential air damp environments so that forced air drying and climatization can be drastically reduced.

Properties and Advantages
• Can be applied to matt-damp substrates without priming
• Brush, trowel or spray application
• Very fast curing, even under extreme conditions, such as low temperatures
• Exposure quickly to:
Rain after ~ 6 hours
Water splashes after ~24 hours
Water pressure after ~72 hours
• Tiled over after ~6 hours • Drainage & protection boards can be installed after approx. 6 hours

• Excellent crack bridging, 60% higher flexibility
• Breathable, resistant to frost, UV and weathering
• Excellent tensile adhesion and tear strengths
• Excellent pressure resistance
• For wet rooms, balconies, patios and swimming pools Waterproof
• Cures through self cross-linking reaction
• Easy and “smooth” application
• Waterproof accord. to DIN 1045
• Resistant to negative hydrostatic pressure
• Resistant to water aggressive to concrete

Post time: Apr-07-2018
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