9 Inch Silicone Penis Anti- turtle stretching and pumping sleeve

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The 9 inch customizable silicone sleeve has multiple uses in your various penis enlargement routines. We had an overwhelming amount of requests to create a longer comfort sleeve and after a lot of research and development we have a great product to offer our customers. Our sleeves are cured in a clean environment and dont have the sticky / tacky feel of others. We performed a lot of research and trials to perfect the right amount of softeness and thickness. We offer these sleeves for sell individually or at a discounted rate in a 4 pack for the heavy users out there. The dimension of each sleeve are as follows:

Inner Diameter: 1″ / 26mm

Outer Diameter: 1.25″ / 32mm

Length: 9″ / 228mm

Wall Thickness: 1/8″ / 3.2mm

Some of the many uses of this sleeve are:

Anti-Turtling: The sleeve can be worn over the flaccid penis after a hanging our stretching session in order to prevent retraction of the elongation gains made during your penis hanging or stretching session

Prolonged Stretching: A sleeve can be worn over the penis for extended amounts of time independent of any other penis exercise or routine as a form of all day penis extender / ADS to make flaccid and erect penis gains over time

Penis Pump Resistance: During a penis pumping session with the Zen Hydro Penis Pump or any other brand penis pump you can use this sleeve to create additional resistance during your penis pumping session. It will also help prevent skin bruising during extreme pumping sessions

Jelqing: The sleeve can be used in larger sections to add resistance to your penis jelqing exercise routine or cut in shorter sections and lubricated to move up and down the shaft during a jelqing sessions

Stretching / Traction Devices: Sleeves can be cut into shorter pieces and placed behind the glands as a comfort sleeve when using traction devices or stretchers strapped to the penis

Vacuum Hanger Sleeve: Our sleeves are great replacement for vacuum hanger sleeves and can be cut into sections to create multiple penis vac hanger replacement sleeves

Buy the 9 inch Silicone Sleeve: https://zenhanger.com/products/9-inch-multi-use-silicone-stretching-and-pumping-sleeve

Post time: May-05-2018
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