Insulation of the glass curtain wall of the box when the weathering glue injection note

(1) clean the gap between the plates, there should be no water, grease, paint, rust, cement mortar, dust and so on. Clean the adhesive surface thoroughly and dry it. Can be used toluene or methyl diacetone as a cleaning agent.

(2) To adjust the depth of the seam, to avoid the three sides of the glue, the seam should be filled with PVC foam material (small round bar).

(3) to avoid sealant contaminated glass and aluminum (entry “aluminum” provided by the industry Encyclopedia), should be posted on both sides of the patch adhesive tape.

(4) after filling the plastic surface should be smooth, remove the excess glue.

(5) After the glue is finished, the protective tape is torn off and wiped with solvent if necessary.

(6) Note that after the injection of plastic, glue in the incomplete hardening before, do not contaminated with dust and scratches.

The depth (thickness) of the caulking glue should be less than the width of the slit, since the rubber is stretched when the sheet is relatively displaced, the thicker the glue gap, the greater the tensile deformation at the edge, and the easier the cracking.

Weatherapy silicone sealant in the seams to form two sides of the bond, not three sides of the bond, or glue in the pull, easy to be torn, will lose the seal and anti-leakage effect. In order to prevent the formation of three-sided adhesive, in the weathering silicone sealant construction, with adhesive tape spread at the bottom of the gap, the bottom of the gap with the glue.

The above content is based on the actual work of the students encountered problems collated for reference, if any questions please communicate in time, correction. 【End】

Post time: Mar-01-2017
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