Shanghai Siway will attend the 2017 annual meeting of the Chinese glass industry

April 17-18, the 7th China building glass and industrial glass association member representative assembly and seven-time council was held in hangzhou xiaoshan kaiyuan hotel for the first time.Delegates to the national glass industry conference, nearly 500 people, from government departments, glass production, scientific research design, construction and other units.

The meeting elected a new board of directors, managing director and related personnel, the focus of the work and study the seven-time council.China building materials association, vice chairman guo-qing Chen was elected as the new China building glass and industrial glass association, and the report.Chen Huichang on the 6th council has made the detailed review and summary, and puts forward Suggestions on the new council work, he emphasized to solve contradictions and problems existing in the glass industry, is \”much starker choices-and graver consequences-in\” during the main objectives and tasks, and is the inevitable requirement of industry development and progress.The new council to firmly establish a innovation, coordination, the development of green, open, sharing ideas and \”three to one drop a minus\” economic work’s overall policy, to promote the supply side structural reform, promote the transformation of development mode, promote the structural adjustment as the starting point of the industry to work and the key of the reform and development.

China building glass and industrial glass association executive vice President zhang bayi constant present the topic \”the glass industry development situation and tasks – 2017 China’s glass industry annual work report, in the report, will the development of glass industry during the\” twelfth five-year \”reviewed general situation and characteristics, combined with the upstream and downstream industry chain summary report for the operation of glass industry in 2016, and the operation of the glass industry for 2017 and three years after the\” much starker choices-and graver consequences-in \”and predict the future.

Shanghai Siway leader as hollow glass sealing material production enterprises are also actively participate in the annual meeting of the organization and co-host, company executive vice President li Yang was rated as advanced workers, 2016 annual association zhijiang company at the same time contributing to the society and industry development by association honor;Dr Wang meng made the theme of the company for the hollow glass in the development and application of organic silicone, technical lectures, recognition and high praise by all the guests;18 siway night Shanghai company also held the annual meeting of the reception dinner, wonderful programs, generous attractive gifts, drew the audience applause and cheers, let everybody spent a memorable night in hangzhou.

This is Siway, as usual, is committed to research and innovation in hollow glass sealing material of fine interpretation, the company with the growing of the industry development, to dare to bear, the courage to do something, actively respond to the new normal, for the industry development of hollow glass sealing material actively explore new heights.In the future development road, Siway will focus on industry development, the idea of innovation and development, in order to promote the development of glass industry, contribute our own strength, leading the hollow glass sealing material towards a higher level.

Post time: May-08-2017
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