Shanghai Siway Building Material Co., Ltd for Building doors and Windows accessories work conference

On June 25 and 26, Building doors and Windows accessories China construction metal structure association committee in 2015 working meeting held ceremoniously zhengda new century hotel in ningbo, Shanghai Siway Building Material Co., Ltd, as one of the sealant industry representatives attended the annual meeting.



Conference by the Shanghai building hardware and door window industry association vice President, treasurer, secretary-general, host Mr Qian Jingwei building metal management products association secretary-general of zhejiang province Yang Yanping ladies and organiser – ningbo new Anton rubber and plastic products co., LTD. General manager ms zhang Zhang Liping delivered a speech in the meeting.

Building doors and Windows accessories Liu Xuqiong lady in the assembly, director of the committee for 2014-2015 annual work report. Report reviewed the achievements of the past committee together with the industry enterprises of industry put forward the ardent expectations of future development. Committee continued to improve the industry product standards and specifications, provide support for the sustainable development of the industry at the same time, guide enterprises to promote development innovation, attention to the brand construction, strengthening the upstream and downstream enterprises and interdisciplinary communication platform, seize the opportunity to meet challenges, achieve the transformation and upgrading of industry.

China construction metal structure association Hao Ji Mr. Ping delivered an important speech. Hao, with “the importance of the industry scale and size, does not depend on its own and depends on other industries, the category of it depends on the degree and its contribution to other industries, the category” as the basis, reiterated the importance of building doors and Windows accessories industry, emphasize both opportunities and challenges in the future, the development of the enterprise to talent as a fundamental, the basis of the system, attach importance to the power of innovation, promote the benign development of the enterprise.

New Anton, chairman of the board of directors of the company Mr Lu wei xing “lean thinking and implementation of” the theme of the speech won a standing ovation. Shanghai Siway Building Material Co., Ltd has always been committed to promoting the doors and Windows accessories green and healthy development of the industry, but also keen to upstream and downstream enterprises with the industry and the different companies in the field of cross-border exchanges and cooperation, with the meeting organizer, ningbo new Anton rubber and plastic products Co., Ltd., like-minded, and actively seek the enterprise development and the Building industry cooperation in the field of communication platform, etc. The can in zhejiang for fittings industry together with the new Anton company annual event, is the trust of the industry association for doors and Windows accessories industry in zhejiang province, is also a recognition of zhejiang enterprises excellent cultural gene.

Shanghai Siway Building Material Co., Ltd, marketing director assistant of general manager in the meeting with the delegates to share the experience of enterprise culture and brand construction. Stand in the height of the industry development, and the industry elite plan for brand and brand construction of the road, to show you the classic marketing case in the industry, but also share the Shanghai Siway Building Material Co., Ltd brand construction experience, profound shows Shanghai Siway Building Material Co., Ltd “stick to, cooperation, tolerance, destinations and take” the spirit of enterprise, passed the positive energy for industry development.

In “innovation and development, cooperation, share” the main melody of a successful ending. Shanghai Siway Building Material Co., Ltd will take the spirit of the meeting, sharing and utilizing wisdom industry actively, under the new situation of the development of the industry, reveals the industry “hidden champions” style!


Post time: Feb-14-2017
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