Thompson’s WaterSeal | Easily Stain Your Outdoor Wood Projects Learn how to quickly and easily stain your outdoor wood furniture and projects. HGTV network host Jeff Wilson shows you how to bring new life and color to Adirondack chairs, wood swings, birdhouses, and planters. You’ll bring in great color and superior waterproofing protection with this simple guide. Thompson’s WaterSeal now makes an exterior wood stain that comes in an aerosol can to make the staining process even quicker and easier. For less than $10 and often less than 10 minutes, the aerosol wood stain can provide great looking natural wood colors and excellent waterproofing protection without having to use any extra brushes or tools. Unlike paint, you can control the depth of color by how many coats you put on your project. Plus, you can still see the wood grain. You also get to choose your color from golden pine, cedar, redwood, and traditional brown. Give your projects big style with Thompson’s WaterSeal aerosol wood stain.

Post time: Sep-09-2017
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