Servoperl royal – the new grout mortar from Kiesel

Servoperl royal and Servoperl royal schnell (fast-setting): The true Royal experience!

- Universal formula for walls and floors
- Greater stability and load-bearing capacity
- Superior resistance against built-up of microorganisms and mold colonies
- Greater resistance against power washers
- Efflorescence free, based on high quality Alumina cement
- Higher resistance against household chemical cleaners
- Servoperl-effect, water and dirt repellent properties
- Ideal for grouting natural polished stone and glass mosaic
- Zero VOC
- Grout joints from 1-10 mm, 1/32 – 3/8″
- Accurate color consistency
- Available in many colors
- Servoperl royal schnell – ready for traffic in 2 hours,
- Servoperl royal – ready for traffic in 6 hours

Post time: Aug-05-2017
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