Kreemtex Premium Liquid Latex for Mold Making

Kreemtex Latex is premium mold rubber with wide application. Its creamy thicker blend reduces the number of coats you need to apply, saving you significant time in your mold making over other liquid latex rubber products.
Kreemtex Latex is your best choice for architectural restorations, casting stone and faux brick veneers, producing decorative lawn and garden ornaments, ornamental candle making, soap making, statuary, craft and fine art reproductions.
Simply apply ten to twelve coats to your sealed model surface allowing each coat to dry in between. After curing, de-mold and cast using art plaster or concrete. Kreemtex molds will last longer than man-made rubbers as its surface resists abrasion from casting materials. They will give you hundreds of reproductions . . .casting after casting.
With its low shrinkage, Kreemtex will reproduce intricate surfaces in exact detail. It has excellent storage stability, too as it will not phase out or separate on long standing.
Kreemtex is your cost effective choice over man-made mold rubbers when you need to watch you project budget.
And so easy to use . . . no mixing or measuring . . . simply brushes on right from the can.
So now you know. . . . Why not pick up a some Kreemtex and prove it for yourself. You’ll be glad you did.

Post time: Aug-04-2017
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