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A High Score – KJH is Sure to Give You a Hand
Be obsessed with mobile games. While, sweaty palms and an uncomfortable grip can diminish your gaming experience and result in hand fatigue. But the KJH skin can prevent this from happening which owns comfortable grip with ergonomic design, providing excellent hand feel, thus preventing fatigue and cramping for better game experience.

Specially Designed for Nintendo Switch Joy – Con Controller
- Keep your hands comfortable and protect against dirt, grime and sweat
- Curved back design with anti-slip coating provides increased grip for playing games long
- Soft silicone construction, durable and comfortable touch feeling; easy to put on and take off
- Precise cutouts provide access to all buttons, triggers, and thumb sticks
- Easily clean by removing from console and apply warm soapy water
- Include protection skins each for left and right controller, 4 covers for thumb sticks

- Please don’t modify and dismantle
- Please don’t throw, drop or apply strong shock to the product
- Please don’t clean the product with organic substance
- Please don’t put any heavy object on the product
- Please don’t place the product into hot water, moisture or expose to the sunshine
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Post time: Oct-29-2017
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