How to make different plaster line by Janova silicone rubber

Are you producing gypsum products or duplicating plaster statue and sculpture? So, you may need silicone molds to help you!
You could use molding silicone rubber to make any mould you want.Some of the materials you can cast into a silicone mold.
For example—–Urethane,Epoxy,Polyester,Fiberglass Resign,Plaster,Soap,Wax,Low melt metals (up to 400 degrees Max),Hydro Cal White,Ultra-Cal 30, Hydro cal, Hydro stone, Cement, concret.

It also means that you are able to make silicone molds for Sculpture, Statue, Garden stone, Ceiling,Buddhist sculpture, Shoe sole mold, Artificial stone, Cement or concret products, soap, wax, Faux stone, Garden stone, Brick, Ceiling,flower pot, Fountain, GRCC or nice Marble, Buddhist, Shoe sole mold, Smart castings, Candle mold, Resin mold, decoration, chocolate, Dental Cladding stone, Adult doll, Cake mold, Rapid prototyping, Shoe mold,Polyresine, poly resin, gupsum, Epoxy, resin PU, foam Resin, furniture,Column mold, Gypsum mold, Cornice mold, Artificial stone, Casting plaster Molding, Decorative Moldings, Ceiling Domes & Vaults, Silicone sculpture lay, figurative sculpture, Silicone prosthetic mould.

Model: HY-6 series silicone rubber for mold making
price: usd 5.8-8.5/ kilogram FOB shenzhen port.
For more information , pls feel free to contact Ms Mabel
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Post time: Sep-08-2017
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