Easy and cheap AEG Rhop

In this video I show the process form start to finish on installing a simple Rhop patch using gasket maker into a stock ICS hopup.

Tools required:
Flat razer blade
Ultra black gasket maker or ultra black RTV
15/64th drill bit, or some sort of dowel that is close to 6mm
wax paper
precision flat head screw driver
fine sand paper
silicone spray
super glue
Small vice

Items in video
Krytac stock AEG barrel
G&G green hopup bucking (any hopup will work as long as it is feeding with you AEG already)
Modify Baton Ryusoku flat hop nub
ICS stock hopup

Comments disabled because youtube comments are on par with facebook political post replies. I developed this video primarily for the ICS user group on facebook

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Post time: Sep-29-2017
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