Double-Sided Tape Adhesion Testing

Will This Adhesive Tape Hold? Find out how much weight a double-sided pressure-sensitive adhesive tape can bear. For All Your Tape Needs → ‪‬‬‬. Some double-sided tapes are strong enough to hang a picture on your wall, but you wouldn’t want to use them in place of a rivet or in product assembly. There are other double-sided tapes that can do a better job. In this strength-test, I test four double-sided tapes to see which tape can hold the most weight. Both foam and acrylic tapes are tested using weights from 5 pounds up to 45 pounds. Watch the video to learn which double-sided tape is right for your heavy-lifting project.

Products featured in this video:


Scapa SR516V

Scapa S301

3M VHB 4950

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Post time: Sep-11-2017
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