Match New Mortar Color With Old Mortar Color on Messy Masonry Work or Repairs

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Learn how to easily match new mortar color with old mortar color – with Instant Mortar Match.

Save $1000′s when repairing, buying or selling a home. Match Old Repairs to New, Make Old look New, Make New Look Old. Visually correct and mask sloppy stains or poor workmanship on masonry repairs.

Change the appearance of poor mortar work with the tip of a brush. Instant Mortar Match can easily mask unattractive or poorly done masonry work. Instant Mortar Match is designed to be used by both professionals and do it yourselfers. Instant Mortar Match is a patented easily applied dye that can be used for both interior and exterior applications.

Instant Mortar Match allows you to:

- Visually correct or mask sloppy mortar stains or poor workmanship on masonry repairs
- Match new mortar color to a pre-existing mortar
- Restore or change the shade of your existing mortar

Why Use Instant Mortar Match?

+ Will NOT trap moisture
+ NON-Acidic – will not damage mortar
+ Wide color assortment to match your mortar
+ Complimentary products allow for shade adjustment
+ Great for modern or historic masonry

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We’d like to introduce you to a new product known as INSTANT MORTAR MATCH. It is the only product of its type. You the home owner can benefit because you can visually correct & mask sloppy masonry repairs. This simple brush on procedure is designed for amateurs and professionals alike to dress up many forms of visually unattractive masonry work. You simply pick the closest color to your pre-existing masonry color and brush it on your new repair and it blends in, that easy. The mortar should cure at least 45 days before application.

You can see when repairs are done all over the world, weather Tuckpointed or Repaired, hardly ever do they match the pre-existing colors. You can see that this current repair doesn’t match the preexisting grey mortar. We can hide this pale type N by picking a Instant Mortar Match Closest to the original which looks to be a Grey and we brush it on. We have our pre-existing and a repair which we are going to match INSTANTLY.

You simply dab the brush off so you don’t have it running down the face of the brick then brush it along your joint. Have a wet paper towel or rag available to wipe any off that might drip down the face of the brick. Make sure you do pick the color closest but you may have to go over it a few times to darken or lighten it up. It will lighten up as it dries so it’s good to wait 10-12 hrs before you apply another coat if you think your going to need to get it much different. You can see here for example where it does look similar but a bit darker, when it dries it will match the preexisting mortar. To match them together the best, make sure you brush the Mortar Match at least a couple inches over your pre-existing mortar and once dry they will blend together.

You can see how quick and easy this can be applied making repairs look great or old work look much better. Messes are made on many masonry sites, staining the face of bricks or stones. With Instant Mortar Match, simply pick the color needed. As seen here we picked the color that matches the brick. We apply it to the stained face and it looks like new. This will sharpen up joints make repairs look crisp & clean for those who aren’t as skilled.

You can make modern day repairs look old like you see as we change the color this new age gray mortar to match this tan 1800′s historic lime putty mortar with the simple stroke of a brush. Color matching which was virtually impossible for most is now at the tip of a brush.

There is nothing out there that matches pre existing mortars. There is concrete stains but concrete and mortar have different ingredients and if you were to color mortar with a concrete stain you would damage it and the mortar would dissolve.

Instant Mortar Match is a permanent dye that can be used inside or outside the home. Used on Fireplaces, Walls, Chimneys and many other masonry structures.

Post time: Sep-12-2017
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