How to Repair Exhaust Pipe with Muffler Weld Putty (VIDEO)/ Quick Fix Temporarily Solution 2013

This is a tutorial video, teaching you how to repair your exhaust pipe with VersaChem … QUICK FIX TEMP SOLUTION!

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If you are like myself, ballin on a budget, and can’t just jump up and get a new exhaust system for your car or truck, then VersaChem Muffler Weld repair and sealer might be the perfect solution for you. My baby, Bessy (my car of course) is a 1990 Toyota Celica with around 165,000 miles on her. The body has a few tings and dents here and there, needs a paint job and has some other minor work it needs done, but because of it’s rusty undercarriage, I figure I’ll just ride her out until she’s done with, instead of continuing to throw tons of money away on new parts when all of these issues continue to pop up. I know she’s ancient, literally almost considered a classic LMAO (30 years is considered a classic I believe, another 7 years to go hahh), but as long as she gets me from Point A to Point B, I don’t mind putting in a little money. I’m still grinding with my video work and random gigs, and also doing the whole school thing so I don’t need anything fancy or flashy right now, Bessy is a good match for me for the time being.

As you will see in this tutorial video that I created, the exhaust pipe has a good amount of rust on her and it would cost a couple hundred to get it fixed at a repair shop. I can’t remember the quote I was given but let’s just say it was $200 or more. So instead of spending all that money on this car part and labor expenses from a mechanic, I bought Muffler Weld from AutoZone (or you can order it online at Amazon here ) for a few bucks. I am not a mechanic. I honestly don’t know much about cars. I can put gas in it, change a flat tire and a few other small tasks, but not too car savvy… so if I can fix this issue, so can you.

The hole in my exhaust pipe was on the passengers side of my two door vehicle, almost right on the corner of the actual pipe before it bends back around to the muffler. The hole wasn’t too big, about the size of my thumb or quarter. Now basically being 2013, I’m not surprised there are effective inexpensive options available like this, but I’m surprised so few people know about it. All you need is a wire brush or sand paper to clean the rusted area. Some water, a rag or towel, a knife, gloves, and the Muffler Weld repair and sealer. The sealer is a “black sodium silicate based sealer for mufflers and tailpipes. Resists high temperatures. Sets like a weld with remarkable adhesion to clean or rusted surfaces. Renews mufflers, resonators, tailpipes and other exhaust components”.

Because I specialize in video production and enjoy helping others, I thought creating this tutorial video would be a great idea. If I wasn’t filming I could have probably done this in less than 5 minutes but it took me a little longer. After you apply the weld to it, you need to make sure you let your car sit throughout the day and night so it completely drys. I’d say 12 hours at least. Other suggestions… use latex gloves, or a pair of disposable thin gloves of your choice. Also, I felt using the knife was more effective than my fingers, although I had rubber gloves instead of latex, it may have been easier if I did.


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